What are you GRATEFUL for?

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Hi guys,


I know I have been absent quite a bit lately, but life’s hectic right now. It’s that busy time of the year. You want to catch up with all your friends but time does not seem to be enough.  


In saying that, I’m so excited that I’m going home to Colombia very soon! and probably that’s why I’ve been so anxious. So, I want to invite you all to follow my Instagram @nenapiki_healthymeals where I’ll be posting lots of photos, stunning landscapes (think green mountains, white beaches and clear blue seas) and exotic food. I’ll be putting all that together in a blog or two maybe so watch that space for my Insta Stories. 


Before I go, I want to reflect briefly on being grateful. It’s Thanksgiving, so I think we all need a moment to stop and really think about all those things we are grateful for. 


We are so lucky. We are where we need to be. We are who we are and we often forget that wishing to have more or be more. You know what, YOU’RE ENOUGH. You’re capable of unimaginable things. You just need to BELIEVE. 


Take me for example, I knew I wanted to become a blogger, and I self-doubted that many times, I still do (sometimes).  Probably I’m not quite there, but I’m so proud of myself for achieving so much in less than a year. For instance, I was named on of the Brisbane Instagrammers you should be following,  I have reached 5k followers on my Instagram, I’ve been invited to Media Launches and slowly I’ve been making my way up in the blogshere. I’m loving it, sharing my stories, my good and bad times is what makes me human. That’s the message I want to spread around the world. We are not perfect and that’s perfectly fine as long as you fall in love with who you are everyday. I want you to learn that, take that with you and remember it everyday. 




I’m sooooo grateful to you all, for letting me in your life, for letting me show you how to live healthy, happy and active. I’m grateful because I can inspire you every single day. I’m grateful for the supporting group that surrounds me: my hubby who follows me all around with a camera to grab that perfect shot; my mum and dad for being my #1 fans (yep, they give a thumps up to every single one of my posts). I’m grateful for working in such a lovely environment at Lorna Jane, for meeting like-minded people and for being inspired to live my best active life.

Thank you guys. Much love and light to you xx


PS: well that was not briefly, LOL. xoxo

PS2: If you want to explore a bit more deeply into this I invite you to try this short guided meditation. I practise meditation daily and it’s the best way to feel calm, zen and grounded. Enjoy!




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