Spring cleaning to summer ready

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Where did the year go? November? Seriously!? If you feel that the year has gone in a blink of an eye you need to read this. Summer is just around the corner and with that we all want to be at our best. It’s bikini season which means we all want to be healthy, active and happy. Follow my tips below to a flat stomach and get summer ready.


First thing in the morning

Start your day with meditation. Setting a simple intention to the universe first thing in the morning will set you up for an amazing day. Sip on warm lemon water to boost your metabolism and you are ready to go. Have a beautiful and mindful breakfast. This will help you make better food choices thoughout the day.


During the day

Drink plenty of water.  A well hydrated body will function better. Try adding fresh fruits to your water to give it a twist. And don’t forget to add protein to each one of your meals as they give satiety. Keen? Try some of my protein smoothies. Find the recipe here.


Move your body

Everyday activity is so important for our wellbeing. Move your body at least once a day. Even if it’s only 30 minutes it is better than nothing. Go for a walk, breath fresh air and do whatever is fun for you. Commit to it, do it and mix it up. For example, I love doing short and intense workouts like HIIT. A good sweat session followed by yoga to feel calm and zen.


Declutter your space

Detox your space. Throw away what does not serve you anymore. Let go of limiting thoughts and make room for new things to happen.


“Make room for new things to happen. Open your mind and your heart allowing abundance, prosperity and happiness to flow easily into your life”.


Remember, life is today. Surrender to the present moment. Admire where you are, be grateful for your everyday blessings and most importantly, live every day with joy and content. Self-love is the most important form of love and it starts from within.


Much love and light to you all



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