A new adventure begins when we mindfully open ourselves to greatness

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I have come to realise that I’m very attached to things. But aren’t we all? I am going to tell you a little story before I continue.


Not long ago I bought a coffee mug in Colombia. I used it every. Single. Day. And I say “used” because gravity happens and accidentally it fell on the floor. It got me a bit sad but then it hit me. Seriously, Carolina, shake it off!


I’m very aware that this is the first time that I’m saying this out loud. I’m very attached to things and it’s hard for me to let go. Specially, things from my hometown whether it is a gift from family or something I bought myself.


Time passes by and we start to accumulate lots of things, specially clothes. And with my upcoming trip, I looked at my wardrobe and it’s huge, or at least, I admit that I do not wear everything that’s in there. That bothers me. Because that’s occupying space in my house and in my mind. What I have to learn is that those things have served me a purpose and it’s now time to serve someone else.


As I’m packing for my trip, I’m picking up the same shorts, tights, tops and so on. Everything fitted in a backpack. Shocking, right? I must say that my hubby and I are backpacking and I was already aware that we’d be travelling light. And you know what? It’s liberating, less worries, less weight, less drama, less decisions to make.



This is a trip that I’ve been waiting for the past 17 years. Going back to Europe means going back to my childhood, to visit old friends, to walk again by my old school, be with family and lastly, recalling beautiful memories.


I’m ready to collect new moments, free my soul and feed my heart with intent. The time is now to live in the present moment, take it all in and make every day truly count starting TODAY. I hope you all join us in our adventure through my my Insta stories and Instagram @nenapiki_healthymeals.




Happy travels



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