Carolina from NenaPikiHello World and Welcome to my blog.

“I am passionate about active living + travelling + photography + yoga + healthy eating + cooking. This is my day and my routine. I do whatever it is that my heart desires and makes me truly happy. At night, I dare to dream”


Her name is Carolina, a former Marketer from Cali, Colombia. Carolina came to Australia 6+ years ago, wanting to travel and live the experience. But life happens and one thing led to another and before she knew it she settled in Australia with her husband.

What you need to know about Carolina? She is a not too young but not too old girl with an exotic ascent since her first language is Spanish; she considers herself as a morning person who enjoys every day as if it’s one less, not one more. She lives every moment to the fullest. She is also a blogger & food photographer behind the face of @nenapiki_healthymeals, an Instagram account where all of this began.

Carolina started creating healthy recipes because she was getting married & of course she wanted to look ridiculously amazing. She then decided to post them on her personal account on Instagram as a hobby but when big brands such as I Quit Sugar, Bare Blends, Pureharvest & Mayversfood started to repost her recipes she knew she had something going on. She decided to follow her bliss & created Nenapiki, a food blog dedicated to inspire to live a healthier, active clean life.

“I guess my passion for food, photography & travelling drives me to do what I love and that’s what is reflected on my Instagram. It’s humble, it’s honest & it’s me. I get to put my biggest passions together in one & actually love it even more. I keep learning, I feel inspired connecting with people who share my same passion; engage with a community hungry for healthy recipes and developing content that my followers want to see.” – Carolina

This is it. This is me. This is my journey and my story. Follow along.